Mark-it Express provides its’ customers with a full-service warehousing and fulfillment center

Mark-it Express operates a full-service warehousing and fulfillment center located in Bridgeview, Illinois which is perfectly situated to service the rail yards, ports and the Chicago metropolitan area.

Our warehousing and fulfillment center along with our 3PL service and trucks enables us to provide our customers with a fully integrated supply chain solution. We provide our customers with a very efficient and effective solution because our unique combination of warehousing, assets and brokered assets enables us to cycle up and down based our customer’s needs. As a result, your company pays for only what you need. Flexible, comprehensive, and dependable.

Mark-it Express Services

  • Handling, Storage, Order processing, & full inventory controls
  • Pick and pack (customized handling)
  • Long and short term freight storage
  • Container drayage to and from all rail ramps
  • Container storage
  • Indoor docks for loading and unloading of flatbeds
  • Building served by Canadian National rail spur indoor and out
  • Trans loading/cross docking
  • 30 acre container depot on site
  • Warehouse management system
  • Customer web access
  • RF & handheld computer interface
  • EDI
  • Customized reporting and billing

Areas of Expertise

Mark-it Express is a leader in the food logistics and distribution so naturally, our warehousing and fulfillment center can accommodate all your company’s cold chain needs.

Mark-it Express, through its intermodal drayage division, moves a significant amount of international freight to and from the Chicago ports and rail yards. Many of our clients utilize our drayage, fulfillment center and distribution services to support their distribution and retail operations.

We love a good supply challenge. Our unique combination of assets, warehousing and brokerage capabilities enable us to successfully manage projects that most other 3PLs shy away from. Recent projects include: moving a factory to its new location, driver outsourcing that saved our customer money and improved their service, ramping up quickly with our assets and brokered assets to manage seasonal demand for a large retailer. Bring us your problems and we will bring you solutions.

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