What “Location, Location, Location” means to Mark-It Express

This business adage applies just as much to logistics as it does to any other industry. We spend a significant amount of time understanding our customers and the markets they serve. That’s why at Mark-It Express we go where our customers go.

Chicago is the Heart of Distribution in the USA

Northern Illinois, was named the number one U.S. Distribution Locations by Area Development’s Top Ten U.S. Distribution Logistics Locations. Mark-It Express’ operations in the Chicago area provides access to national and even international transportation routes. We are within distance of the Port of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. Our Chicago location is also advantageous due to the freeways and interstates that are easily accessible from our warehouse and terminal. .

Having locations in the Chicago, Kansas City, and Detroit areas gives us a unique geographic advantage. Trucking companies ship more than 50 million tons of freight every year out of Chicago utilizing the area’s massive railroad infrastructure, access to the Great Lakes, and proximity to freeways and interstates. Our Chicago location gives us the advantage of being close enough to all major forms of transportation, and situated almost equidistant between both coasts.

Advantages of Mark-It Express’ location

There are several major interstates that run through the Chicago area. Mark-It Express can take your shipments and have them on a truck and quickly on their way to their final destination.

Chicago also hosts several major rail heads. Our intermodal services can move your shipments from steamship to rail lines, rail lines to trucks, or any combination. Mark-it Express is within minutes of all the Chicago rail terminals and we provide service to and from each location.

Chicago is one of the largest inland ports in the United States. Being situated next to the Great Lakes allows us to ship goods internationally via steamship.

Mark-It Express has big expansion plans for the future. Soon we will be opening in selected markets which will include Atlanta, Dallas, and Detroit.

Inland Port Strategy

Some of our customers use Mark-It Express as part of their inland port strategy. Our Chicago, Kansas City, and Detroit locations are considered key hubs for shippers utilizing this time saving strategy. The inland port strategy enables our customers to maneuver around transportation congestion and realize cost and transit time savings. Chicago’s proximity to Canada, the West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean allows us to utilize railheads and trucking to share in the benefits of the inland port strategy with our customers.

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