Mark-It Express specializes in food transportation and food safety

At Mark-It Express we specialize in food transportation and food distribution. This requires us to be food safety experts. We take FSMA, FDA, and USDA regulations and safety seriously which is why we train our team in FSMA and HACCP. We incorporate regulatory compliance and food safety best practices into all of our processes and systems.

FSMA Background

Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) ensures safety and security of the food and feed supply to protect human and animal health. When it comes to transportation we place a big emphasis on the sanitary transportation regulations within the FSMA. A few examples of this include

  • Vehicles and transportation equipment. We spend a lot of time evaluating the design of our transportation processes to prevent food from being contaminated.
  • Transportation operations. We take temperature readings and separate food and non-food items to prevent contamination.
  • Information exchange. We verify that all of our transportation equipment is adequately cleaned between cargos. We also go to great lengths to make sure temperature needs are accurately communicated between shipper, carrier, and receiver.
  • All personnel are trained in current regulations, processes, and best practices to ensure the highest safety standards.
  • Record keeping. We maintain a written record of all of our procedures to ensure transparency and safety for all of our food shipments.

Food Safety

A Mark-It Express Top Priority

“Food safety is the top priority at Mark-it Express. If you are serious about food distribution and the cold chain, then you must invest in FSMA compliance training and HACCP certification. Our customers see our commitment to food safety in our people, processes and systems”

Matt Derby, Director of Safety, HACCP Certified

HACCP Background

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is the United States’ standard for food safety hazard evaluation which is integrated into FSMA. The HACCP food management system addresses food safety and identifies various risks during each step of the manufacturing and distribution process. Mark-It Express employs a HACCP certified Director of Safety to verify the quality of our processes and to ensure maximum safety.

Mark-it Express goes the extra mile for food safety and compliance

We go the extra mile to ensure that not only our staff and employees are current on necessary regulations, but we also verify that our carrier partners also maintain the highest regulatory standards.  Some of the ways we work to stay compliant are:

HACCP certified. Our Director of Safety, Matt Derby is HACCP certified. Matt leads the way on food safety training, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement at Mark-it Express. If you are food shipper, your transportation provider should value food safety enough to earn the HACCP certification.

Developed carrier network. We make sure that our carriers promote best industry best practices and are never in violation of safety regulation. We also regularly check to verify that our carriers are not in violation of any safety regulations. We give our clients peace of mind when it comes to safety, security, and efficiency.

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