At Mark-It Express we take compliance seriously. Which is why we regularly verify that we hold the correct certifications to get any job done. Below are some of the endorsements we have obtained.

Company Endorsements

A bonded carrier is a shipper who is licensed by the national custom’s agency to carry duty-unpaid goods across international borders. In order to achieve this certification, you must be licensed by the national governments the goods will be shipped through. At Mark-It Express we have a bonded carrier certification which allows our customers a seamless intercontinental transportation experience.

More and more of our international shipping clients are transporting oversized and overweight shipments. Not every drayage carrier can support these oversized and overweight shipments. We have the specialized equipment and expertise to move the bigger, heavier shipments. Both our Chicago and Kansas City terminals have the ability and permits necessary to move oversized and overweight.

Driver Endorsements

Hazmat is short for hazardous materials. At Mark-It Express our logistics professionals are hazmat certified. This means that our drivers have the experience and means to be able to handle hazardous materials. This certification is received after a driver has passed a special test from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Drivers who haul any sort of liquid must receive a special designated endorsement from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

For a commercial driver, the doubles/triples endorsement enables a driver to operate these size trailers. Our drivers have this certification and we are equipped to use double trailers when they are needed.

TWIC stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credentials. This credential is for international shipper utilizing maritime ports. It provides workers with unescorted access to secure areas of American ports, this endorsement is obtained through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).



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