Mark-it Express Is Your Intermodal Expert – Domestic and International.

Domestic intermodal

We will convert your truckload shipments to intermodal. We save our customers money by converting truckload shipments to intermodal containers. When compared to over-the-road trucking options, our customers find that intermodal shipping is often a more cost-effective solution.

In addition to the cost savings, domestic intermodal shipping saves on fuel and emissions. Intermodal shipping is increasingly popular among shippers because the services have become very flexible. We can deliver your dry or refrigerated freight to every major market in the United States.

International Intermodal

Mark-It Express is an asset-based carrier with drayage chassis that support our international customers. Our drayage chassis are located in both Chicago and Kansas City.

Our drayage services support approximately a 300-mile radius from Chicago. States we service include Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa

Our drayage services support approximately a 300-mile radius outside of the Kansas City area. States we service include Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas

Our drayage services support approximately a 300-mile radius outside of the Detroit area.

Our clients are domestic and international shippers, steamship lines, freight forwarders, and 3rd party logistics providers

  • Interchange agreements with the railroads and the steamship lines
  • Able to accommodate oversized and overweight containers
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Asset-based with drayage chassis in both Chicago and Kansas City
  • Specialized for overweight and oversized – we have tri-axle drayage chassis (“any-sizer”). We are able to move two 20’ TEU

Intermodal Defined

Intermodal is the transportation of goods utilizing multiple modes of transportation – these modes include rail lines, steamships, and trucks. This type of shipping can be optimal due to its ability to be cost-efficient, reduce damage, and increase the speed of delivery.

Drayage is the process of transporting containers over short distances, typically less than 300 miles. These are usually distances that can be covered in less than a full day of driving. Drayage is also the process of moving shipments between rail lines and ships, from ships to warehouses, or from rail lines to trucks.

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