Mark-It Express provides a nationwide LTL service for our customers

At Mark-It Express we offer our customers a cost-effective and top-rated Less than Truckload service with coverage throughout North American. At Mark-It Express, we save our customers money and improve their service through our innovative approach to LTL shipping.

Our engagements begin with a thorough analysis of the customer’s current shipping lanes and costs. By understanding our customer’s total shipping situation, we are able design a more cost-effective solution.


Why Mark-It Express?

Retail food supply chain experts. Mark-It Express specializes in moving food for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, processors, and producers and growers. We work daily with some of the largest food retailers in the country.

Retailer preferences. Because of our existing book of business, we understand exactly what food supply chain customers expect from their 3PL partners. Our food industry knowledge enables us to provide customized solutions and superior results.

Refrigerated LTL. At Mark-It Express we specialized in LTL cold chain solutions for the food supply chain. We work with the top refrigerated LTL carriers in the industry and we have a proven solution.

FSMA Compliant. Since we do specialize in food transportation we take food safety and regulatory compliance very seriously. We make sure our carriers are compliant as well. When it comes to shipping food, safety and compliance are the top priority.

LTL Carrier Network. Mark-It Express works with the best carriers in the business. We employ a thorough vetting process to determine whether our carriers can handle the demands of food transportation. We go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our carriers so we can provide our customers peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our carrier relationships, because of our deep industry roots we have learned which carriers are best for a given lane. We have also built relationships with regional and local carriers who are often able to better serve a particular market.

LTL Volume Moves. Too big for LTL, but not big enough for truckload? No problem. We have developed expertise in LTL volume moves. LTL volume moves often provide a nice savings over a truckload shipment.

LTL Consolidation. Because of our high volumes and carrier relationships, we regularly consolidate LTL shipments into truckload shipments. When we consolidate LTL shipments, our customers benefit through reduced transit times, less handling (and less risk for damage) along with cost savings.

We move Everything! While we specialize in food we also handle other types of shipments. We have plenty of satisfied customers who have moved something other than food. We are able to bring the same level of expertise and professional service to our non-food customers.

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